The Zeytin Ağacı (Another Self) series continues to attract attention by signing interesting firsts!
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30 September 2022 07:18


The Zeytin Ağacı (Another Self) series continues to attract attention by signing interesting firsts!

The Zeytin Ağacı (Olive Tree) series, one of Netflix’s most notable productions recently, continues to win the admiration of the audience with its 8 episodes. The series, which rose to the top of the Top 10 list in July when it first aired, shook the agenda!

Those who watch the TV series, which are widely talked about and commented on on social media, state that they are very impressed. The Zeytin Ağacı series, which was shot in the summer of last year, has managed to be a remarkable production not only with its actors but also with its subject matter.

The Zeytin Ağacı series, the story of which was written by Nuran Evren Şit, aroused great interest in the audience, especially with its family sequence. In the series, it is told that one of the 3 girlfriends, who have been friends for many years, settled in Ayvalık from Istanbul after she got cancer, and her life changed with the training she received from an interesting man named Zaman.

The series, in which Tuba Büyüküstün, Seda Bakan, Murat Boz, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Fırat Tanış, Boncuk Yılmaz, Füsun Demirel and Serkan Altunorak took the leading roles, managed to take a place in the hearts as a story that touched the lives of many people. The successful course of the series is going to completely different points with the data coming from the digital platform!

The Zeytin Ağacı series achieves what no Turkish TV series has been able to do so far! While the 8-episode series was appreciated by Netflix’s subscribers in different countries, it received a special title as the first Turkish series to enter the Netflix Top 10 list in the UK.

Successes that other TV series have not been able to achieve on Netflix are coming one after another! One of the latest news is that Netflix ranks second in the list of non-English series with 31 million 200 thousand hours watched.

The series, which attracted great attention in Turkey and then quickly reached high viewing figures among Netflix’s subscribers in foreign countries, suddenly started to be talked about in the world agenda.

Zeytin Ağacı, which achieved a great success with 18.100.000 hours of viewing in the first week of its broadcast, achieved another success by entering Netflix’s Non-English TV Series list at the 5th place!

It is a very surprising development that the OGM Pictures series entered the Top 10 list of Netflix in 28 countries, including Turkey, Argentina, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

When the trailer of the series was released during the shooting of the series, no one thought that it would attract so much attention. However, the Zeytin Ağacı series, which caught the audience in a short time and managed to be talked about a lot on social media, took a very special place!

It is already a matter of curiosity whether there will be a second season of the  Zeytin Ağacı series, which is also very popular with the performances of the actors. Viewers are already looking for the answer to this question on social media…

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