Series News There are many reasons to praise the Netflix series Uysallar

There are many reasons to praise the Netflix series Uysallar


We are in a process where there is an explosion of serials both on the television screen and on digital platforms. In addition to the ambitious productions on the screen, the series continues on many domestic and foreign digital platforms such as Netflix, Exxen, Gain, Amazon Prime, BluTV, PuhuTV.

Disney Plus, which has recently entered the Turkish market and will start broadcasting in the summer, has also brought a different excitement to the sector. However, for now, the series and movies shot for Netflix, which is one of those that collect the biggest share of the market, are more talked about.

Bringing together many young and master figures, all of whom draw attention with their acting, with their original scenarios and stories, domestic productions are followed with great enthusiasm for both subscribers in Turkey and foreign audiences in the international arena.

With the productions that are being talked about more and more, our local series and movies are also on Netflix, and they are also a source of pride in the international arena. Productions such as Club, Midnight at the Pera Palace and Love Tactics have been local productions that have turned the Top 10 lists of Netflix upside down in the recent period.

Now a new one is added to them. Moreover, even before the shooting was started, there was talk that a very strange project was coming. Onur Saylak, who is highly appreciated with every role he plays, is also known for being a very good director as well as his acting, with the national and international awards and recognitions for the movie Daha (More) and the Şahsiyet (Personality) series.

When it was heard that Onur Saylak would direct Netflix’s most talked-about Uysallar series, the series had already started its journey 1-0 ahead. As the cast began to form and the shooting began, the story of the series and its actors gradually emerged, and the project aroused even more curiosity.

There were many exciting comments on social media before the series even started. After the series aired, it attracted a lot of attention. While the eight-part mini-series was liked by many, it was also liked by its interesting characters and story. Looking at the comments made on social media, it is seen that the series has influenced the audience.

The audience, who watched the series shot by Ay Yapım, began to praise the Uysallar series one after the other on social media. The Uysallar series has also managed to become one of the most talked about domestic productions of recent days!

The Uysallar series, whose script was written by the successful pen Hakan Günday, became a production that impressed the audience with its trailer. The trailer, which doubled the curiosity of the audience, is below…

In Uysallar, an extraordinary TV series, successful actors Songül Öden, Öner Erkan, Serkan Altunorak and İbrahim Selim are also in the cast, as well as master actors Haluk Bilginer and Uğur Yücel.