Series News There has been a big change and a big decision has been made in the Adı Sevgi series!

There has been a big change and a big decision has been made in the Adı Sevgi series!


Adı Sevgi (Name is Love) serial, which is broadcast on ATV screens on Sunday evenings, cannot get the desired ratings. The eighth episode of the series, starring Gizem Güneş and Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, has also been released.

ATV’s “A story of hope” with the slogan of the TV series, which did not receive enough response from the audience, caused the expectations to be in vain. There was also a very important change in the series. Sadullah Celen, the director of the series prepared by Koliba Film, said goodbye to the project. The famous director had to leave due to health problems.

This problem was resolved when Celil Murat Sarı, who was the second director in the team, was appointed as the first director. There is also information about an important decision taken by ATV regarding the series. Maybe the TV series Adı Sevgi did not find the expected response from the audience, but the channel management does not want to give up on the project immediately.

There is an idea that the series called Adı Sevgi will continue in the summer. ATV management is making plans to bring the series to the screen in the summer. If there is no change, there is a possibility that an arrangement will be made to keep the series on the screen until the end of August.

Although Gizem Güneş and Yunus Emre Yıldırımer are an effective TV series couple, it was a big handicap that the story did not attract enough viewers. Since the number of viewers will decrease in the summer period, it will not be easy for Adı Sevgi to recover the situation.