Words to be discussed from Esra Kılıç in the Destan series of which Ebru Şahin is the hero!
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5 February 2023 20:40


Words to be discussed from Esra Kılıç in the Destan series of which Ebru Şahin is the hero!

Esra Kılıç plays one of the influential characters in the Destan (Epic) series, which is broadcast on ATV screens on Tuesday evenings. The successful actress, who took her place in the story as Mei Jin, has been a name in the industry since 2013… Esra Kılıç, who portrayed the character of Felike in the TV series Çalıkuşu, impressed the audience as Fulya in the TV series İçerde (Inside).

The actress, who is also remembered with the character of Vera in the TV series Seviyor Sevmiyor, has been in the cast of Destan series since the beginning of the season. Esra Kılıç, who successfully portrayed the character of Mei Jin in the series starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar, said that everything was fine on the set.

Stating that the set environment was very warm and beautiful, Esra Kılıç said, “We are on good terms with my fellow actors,” but she did not want to give too much detail about the set.

Expressing that Mei Jin is a very strong character, Esra Kılıç reminded that she has a bad side and does evil. However, according to the actress, the character also has good reasons for doing these evil deeds.

Esra Kılıç said, “She is the daughter of a huge emperor. She was bred this way, she was bred to one day seize the throne of heaven. A character devoted to this from childhood. She doesn’t grow up in a classic father-daughter relationship. At that time, princesses had other duties, she. She’s also a character who is very right in her own way,” she explained.

Expressing that Mei Jin could be the hero of the story if she is a character from a Chinese-made series, not in the Destan series, Esra Kılıç used the following statements:

“Actually, it seems bad to us that she wants to seize the throne. But I think if this was a Chinese drama, maybe Mei Jin could have been the protagonist of that drama too. I don’t find it bad as I empathize a lot with Mei Jin. I get angry at some of the things she does, but she’s so right, so strong. It has to survive somehow, it’s in a struggle. It is very difficult for her to live in a place where she is not loved or wanted. She is not liked in the palace, because the Chinese are not loved. They know what the Chinese want, she. Her father doesn’t have much love for the Chinese side either. This girl needs to be strong and stand up. So Mei Jin is trying to live and achieve her goal.”

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