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9 August 2022 17:50


There has never been such an opposite corner in Kanal D’s Yargı series!

There was a shocking development in the final scene of the eighth episode of the series Yargı, the script of which was written by Sema Ergenekon. Engin, who was accused of killing the character of İnci, confessed in court that he was not guilty and that his father Yekta Tilmen committed the crime.

This development was also a big shock to the fans of the series. The screenwriter seems to have taken a step that will affect the whole story by turning a corner… The troubles between lawyer Yekta Tilmen, played by Uğur Polat, and his son Engin Tilmen, appeared more in this episode.

Onur Durmaz, in the character of Engin, who says that İnci was innocent in her death, also continues to do very successful works. Engin, the favorite of the series fans, is at the key point of the story.

In the eighth episode of the Yargı series, the heads are very confused. The issue of who is the murderer has started to be discussed again.

Engin’s hatred for his father was clearly visible. Did Engin blame his father to justify himself, or did his grudge and hatred for him bring Engin to this point? Or could the murderer be Yekta Tilmen?

These questions are on the minds of the audience. There is a story within a story in the Yargı series. This, in turn, increases the interest and curiosity of those who go to the screen.

The series of Yargı keeps the audience connected to it more and more with each passing episode, and on Sunday evenings on Kanal D, it seems very pleased with this strong interest.

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