There has never been such criticism in the Yargı series! The audience is in revolt!
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3 February 2023 15:40


There has never been such criticism in the Yargı series! The audience is in revolt!

Kanal D’s TV series, Yargı (Judgement), which left its mark on Sunday evenings, received criticism from the audience with its 45th episode! While the followers of the series, which has been watched with interest since its first broadcast, expressed their unhappiness due to some developments on social media, they made such intense criticism about the series for the first time!

The comments made by the viewers, saying that they could not see Ilgaz and Ceylin together in the 45th episode of Yargı series, attracted attention. The followers of the series, which increasingly criticized the fact that the couple of Ilgaz and Ceylin began to be replaced by Derya and Pars, complain that the leading roles are less visible!

One of the most criticized situations in the last episode was the scenes full of advertisements that were frequently included and added to the script! Along with a cleaning product advertisement, they brought criticism to the screenwriter that Pars and Derya’s cooking scenes were constantly included in the series!

Addressing Sema Ergenekon, who wrote the script of the series, the audience stated that they wanted to see Ceylin and Ilgaz together more, and also expressed their frustration due to the scene between Derya and Ceylin in the 45th episode!

In the case where Derya was the prosecutor, acting as the lawyer of her friend whose wife and daughter disappeared brought Ceylin and Derya face to face! While Ceylin reacted to the investigation of the possibility of her friend having something to do with the incident, she was wrathed by Pars and especially Derya!

Although Pars tries to manage the situation, Derya’s harsh attitude and Ceylin’s pursuit of the event before them and trying to gather evidence in favor of her friend brought the two friends against each other!

The audience wants Ceylin to be right in this case so much that even on the official site of the Yargı series, the sharing made as if these voices were heard did not escape attention!

With the words “Ceylin’s being right in this case is no longer a wish, it is an official need”, it is almost as if the audience’s feelings are being translated!

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