There is a big misconception about Bestemsu Özdemir that is thought to be true!
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3 February 2023 13:02


There is a big misconception about Bestemsu Özdemir that is thought to be true!

Famous actress Bestemsu Özdemir returned to the sets with the Star TV series called  Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night). The actress, who plays the character of Serra in the series broadcast on Tuesday evenings, continues to attract attention with her strong acting performance.

The actress, who has been involved in one project after another in both television series and cinema in recent years, works at an intense pace. For this reason, the actress, who maintains her care without interruption and takes care of her skin, prefers natural products. The claims that many people think it is correct, that it has aesthetics, are actually not true.

While Bestemsu Özdemir was constantly criticizing the news that she had aesthetics in the press, she said that she did not prefer to be aesthetic because she was acting. The famous actress said, “I don’t have fillers or botox. Even though I get news every day that she has plastic surgery, I don’t. That’s why I need skin care,” she said.

Bestemsu Özdemir said that she prefers whatever products are best for her face and that she wears make-up all the time on the set.

The actress, who tried a new cream to rest her face, said that she felt better when she was without make-up.

The actress, who also constantly does face yoga and massage, announced that she is 31 years old and cannot have botox and cannot appear like this on the screen.

Explaining that everything was fine on the set of the series “Gecenin Ucunda”, the actress said that everyone was very enjoyable and they worked with a good team.

The actress said, “I’m running to the set, it’s a very precious thing. It is something that is difficult to find,” she said.

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