Series News There is a big surprise for those who like Netfix’s Club series!

There is a big surprise for those who like Netfix’s Club series!


The Club series is one of the most proudly shown among Netflix’s domestic productions. With its acting, directing, directing, story and venues, the Club series was a production that enchanted the audience. On behalf of Turkey, it takes place on Netflix as a quality Turkish production.

One of the best Turkish TV series ever shot, Club, which was shown, did not fall on the agenda for a long time after the broadcast of its first season, and it caused a great excitement in the sector, as the saying goes. The Club series, which impressed almost everyone who watched it, has already become one of the unforgettable Turkish TV series.

The series Club, in which the events of September 6-7, which was written as a black mark on the history of Turkey, were also the subject of, was a very shocking production due to the events that reflected that period to the audience with its story set in the 1950s.

While the performances of the actors of the series were highly appreciated, the two names that received applause from the audience, especially with the character of Matilda in the lead role, Gökçe Bahadır and singer Selim Songür.

The good news about the Club series, which also includes Fırat Tanış, Barış Arduç, Metin Akdülger and Asude Kalebek, was not delayed.

The fact that the production, which received such acclaim, ended in a one-season story, did not bother anyone.

Finally, good news came and it was learned that the second season of his trail would be shot. According to the information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the shooting of the second season will begin in the summer.

The story of Matilda and her daughter Rachel will continue. The name of the young actress Asude Kalebek was also heard with the production in which she attracted great attention with the character of Rasel.

The information that the second season of the TV series Club, which tells about the lives of minorities living in Istanbul in the 1950s, will be shot, is a development that will make the audience very happy.

There were 6 episodes in the first season of the series. The remaining 4 episodes were published later. Great preparations were also made behind the camera for this special series of Netflix.

It is known that 3 thousand 700 costumes were sewn and 10 tailors worked for the series directed by Zeynep Günay Tan and Seren Yüce. Meanwhile, Salih Bademci, who sang in the series, took singing lessons, while Gökçe Bahadır learned the Ladino language.

It is not yet clear what will happen in the second season of the Club series and when it will air. However, the news of the continuation of this highly acclaimed series created great excitement in everyone.