There is a shock of separation and a surprise in the series Mahkum, where Seray Kaya left!
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5 October 2022 11:51


There is a shock of separation and a surprise in the series Mahkum, where Seray Kaya left!

Fans of the Mahkum (Prisoner) series still question why Seray Kaya left the story on social media. Those who think that the character of Cemre has become much more effective in the story with the emergence of the truth and believe that she should continue, ask the scriptwriter the reason for this separation.

There will be another separation after Seray Kaya in the series Mahkum, for which Uğraş Güneş wrote the script. Anıl İlter, who plays the character of prosecutor Tahir in the series, will be another famous name to leave. The farewell of the actor, whose story in the series will end, draws attention as a new development that will upset the fans after Seray Kaya.

Anıl İlter, whom we have been watching on the sets since 2006, has played different roles so far. The actor, who appeared with the character of Engin in the phenomenal romantic comedy series called Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air) and was the joy of the series, took his place in the drama story of Mahkum.

Neslihan Arslan will participate in the series, where these two important separations are experienced, with a police character. With the new character surprise, a different environment will be created in the story. It should be noted that Neslihan Arslan will appear in the series with her police character from the 18th episode. Arslan will be a guest actress in the series for a few episodes.

17 episodes have been broadcast so far in the Mahkum series. What will happen in the 18th new episode, which will be screened on Thursday, April 21, is also eagerly awaited.

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