Series News There is a young name in the new series of Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir, Adım Farah, be careful!

There is a young name in the new series of Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir, Adım Farah, be careful!


While the shooting of the series “Adım Farah” (My Name is Farah) continues, the audience already seems very curious about the harmony and energy of the lead couple. Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir fans often share information and comments about the series on social media.

Undoubtedly, the series “Adım Farah” will be talked about a lot through the two leading actors. However, there are some notable names in the announced cast. You will be able to watch young actors as well as experienced names such as Fırat Tanış, Senan Kara, Lale Başar, Mustafa Avkıran and Ali Sürmeli.

Oktay Çubuk, who has attracted great attention recently, took part in the lead role in the series called Ah Nerede, which was published in the summer, after his success in the TV series Baba (Father).

Again, one of the productions that came to the screen during the summer and left a mark, although it was short-lived, was the drama series Adı Sevgi (Named Love). In the story of the series about a teacher living in a small town, Mert Doğan created wonders with the character of Volkan.

Although it was a misfortune for the actor that the series lasted 11 episodes, Mert Doğan was able to show his talents to the audience more strongly with the psychological problem of the Volkan character.

It is impossible for those who watch Mert Doğan’s performance in the character of Volkan, who falls in love with a girl who is still under 18 and reads, and makes her life miserable.

Mert Doğan, who created a great mystery with the character of Arun in the Netflix series called Şahmaran, has now shown that he is climbing the career ladder step by step by taking part in the cast of the TV series “Adım Farah”.

We recommend that you pay attention to Mert Doğan, who you will watch in a completely different character in the TV series “Adım Farah” as Bekir.

The young actor puts forth a performance that makes a difference to the projects he is involved in, and it should not surprise anyone that he stands out in the “Adım Farah” project.