Series News There is an important separation in Kanal D’s successful series Arka Sokaklar!

There is an important separation in Kanal D’s successful series Arka Sokaklar!


Kanal D’s longest running TV series, Arka Sokaklar (Back Streets), continues to meet with the audience on Friday evenings. There will be an important separation in the series, which will soon make the season finale.

Since each episode contains different stories and action-packed moments, the Arka Sokaklar series continues to meet the audience on the Kanal D screen for 16 years. Moreover, it achieved great success in the ratings. Arka Sokaklar continues on its way as the first of the ratings on Friday evenings.

It has been revealed that an actor will leave the series, which will make the season finale very soon. It was learned that Yiğitcan Ergin, who played the character of Cemal in Arka Sokaklar, will bid farewell to the series in the season finale.

Arka Sokaklar was the third production of Yiğitcan Ergin’s career, who has played a role in the TV series Racon and Deli Gönül so far.

The season finale of Arka Sokaklar, which has aired 631 episodes so far, will soon be finalized and the series will continue next year with its 17th season. However, it has still not been announced when Arka Sokaklar will make the season finale. It is obvious that Arka Sokaklar will continue to achieve great success in its 17th season.

İlker İnanoglu, one of the leading actors of the series, recently announced the secret of the success of Arka Sokaklar, in a statement to the journalists. İnanoglu said, “Since our series is always the third page news, the topics never end. That’s why as long as the third page is up, we will continue.”

Explaining that the fans of the series also gave them great support and thus the success continued, İlker İnanoğlu said that he also gave good messages in the social sense through the series and that this was a part of the success.