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6 July 2022 13:18


There is bad news that will upset Kara Tahta fans, the set has been interrupted!

TRT1’s new serial in the ongoing season, Kara Tahta (Blackboard), will be in front of the audience with its 4th episode to be broadcast this week. In the new episode, the audience will witness the moments when Irmak and Atlas once again had to go in two different directions because of those who prevented their love, and the moments when they faced the truth.

With the start of the broadcast of the series, many criticisms were made in the social media for the scenario of the first episode of which did not come as expected. In the comments made on social media, there was a thought that the story of the Kara Tahta series would get much better as the episodes progressed.

Bad news came this week from TRT1’s new ambitious TV series, Kara Tahta, starring Furkan Andıç, Miray Daner and Cengiz Bozkurt. Furkan Andıç, who gave life to the character of “Atlas” in the series, which met with the audience on Wednesdays, was injured while preparing for his role on the set, and his shootings in Edirne were interrupted.

It was learned that the anterior cruciate ligament in his right leg was torn as a result of a sudden movement of the young actor. After the intervention of the first aid team present on the set, the treatment of the famous actor, who was immediately taken to Edirne Sultan Murat 1st State Hospital, began.

When the doctors, who stated that the heat of the incident was still going on, gave their opinion that Furkan Andıç should rest for 10 days, producer Süreyya Yaşar Önal announced to the team that the shooting of the series was suspended for 10 days after this unexpected accident.

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