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12 August 2022 14:05


There is great news for those who love the Kulüp series!

Netflix’s latest series, Kulüp, attracted great attention. There is good news for those who like the TV series Kulüp, which has become the number one in Turkey, although it has not yet become one of the most watched in the world.

The Kulüpseries, starring prominent names such as Gökçe Bahadır, Fırat Tanış, Metin Akdülger and Barış Arduç, was broadcast on Netflix on Friday. As soon as it went on the air, it became number one in Turkey.

The Kulüp, which tells the story of the Sephardic people in Istanbul behind the scenes of Beyoğlu nightlife in the 1950s, officially took the audience to the past with its costumes, decor and music reflecting the period. One of the most striking characters of the series was undoubtedly Salih Bademci, who played the headliner Selim Songür.

Bademci, who showed his acting performance with the character he played in the Yalancı series broadcast on Show TV, especially nowadays, brought his acting to the top with the character of Selim Songür, whom he gave life to in the Kulüp series.

The story of the Kulüp, which tells the story of Matilda and those around her, who reunited with her daughter Raşel, whom she had to leave when she was a baby, after being released from prison for many years, also attracted the attention of the audience, it has not been completed yet. The end of the six-episode series left the audience’s taste on their palate.

However, in the statement made by Netflix, it was announced that the deal for the second season of the series has already been made. According to the news, the shooting of the second season was done at the same time as the first season. The second season is still in production.

According to the news, the second season of the Kulüp will be on Netflix in the first months of 2022. The second season will consist of five episodes. Thus, the Kulüp will appear before the audience in a total of 11 episodes.

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