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24 May 2022 12:59


There is no alleged separation in Sadakatsız! The real information came first hand!

Things are complicated in the TV series Sadakatsiz, which stormed last season but was disappointed in the ratings this year. While there are rumors that the series broadcast on Kanal D will make its finale at the end of the season, there is no official statement. However, the claim that a actor would leave was denied by the player himself.

In the second season, it was claimed that the character Aras would die and Berkay Ateş, who portrayed him, would leave the series, in Sadakatsiz, which was criticized on the grounds that the story was getting too long and boring. However, the claim was denied by Berkay Ateş himself. Answering journalists’ questions, Berkay Ateş announced that the claim was not true and that he would continue the series.

Berkay Ateş, who participated in the second season of Sadakatsiz, plays the character of Aras in the series. There is a great love between Aras and Asya. However, since Volkan and Ali are against this relationship, there is a constant conflict.

Some of the loyal viewers of the series did not like the character of Aras, and they constantly expressed this on social media. There were also those who wanted Aras to leave the series. These viewers claimed that Aras made Asya look like a mistress.

Starting the second season at the top with very high ratings, Loyalty fell to the fifth place in all viewers with the ratings it received with its last episode. Sadakatsiz, with the lowest ratings to date, fell behind in the TV series “Oğlum”.

The Sadakatsız series, which created an event with every episode when it came to the screen last winter, started the second season with high hopes. It even took the stage to play for the summit with the successful actor Berkay Ateş, whom he added to its staff. However, it was not expected.

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