There is nothing left that has not happened to the Kara Tahta series! Mishaps chased each other!
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5 October 2022 14:06


There is nothing left that has not happened to the Kara Tahta series! Mishaps chased each other!

Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner are both loved and appreciated for their successful acting in the productions they take part in. These two names are fighting for the lead role together in the Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series, which is now broadcast on TRT1! Series sets and filming are already a difficult process for everyone behind and in front of the camera, but this time it seems to be a bit more challenging for the two actors with unexpected events happening!

The Kara Tahta series attracted attention when it was first launched by TRT1, but it could not get the expected ratings. The channel continues to give a chance to the series, which could not fully capture the audience. It gives this chance to the series, which entered the season late, by continuing it in the summer instead of making it a finale.

However, the misfortunes on the set of the series do not end! In the previous weeks, Furkan Andıç had to hurt his knee while shooting a scene, and then the set had to be interrupted for a while. The actor, who had an operation on his knee, rested for a while and returned to the set.

It was revealed with a post by director Ender Mıhlar that Miray Daner also hurt her legs during a scene, her kneecaps were covered with bandages. Despite the accidents on the set of the TV series in which they played the leading roles together, the two young actors did not stop shooting and came to the fore with their moods. The director asked this photo of the two actors, “What was the effort?” He showed the effort given with his note.

It was also annoying that the series was mentioned as the finale a while ago, and the possibility of saying goodbye to the screen despite all efforts. However, it was a pleasing development that TRT continued the series with the decision it took, and the Kara Tahta by Üs Yapım was given another chance.

While the works behind and in front of the camera were continuing, another news that came out saddened the audience once again. First, Miray Daner and then Furkan Andıç were forced to take a break from the set after they caught the coronavirus!

With this mandatory break given to the series, which is planned to stay on the screen throughout the summer, the situation of the actors was also a matter of curiosity. Miray Daner thanked everyone who was curious with a pose taken while she was resting at home, and gave the message that her test turned negative but she will rest a little more…

After Furkan Andıç’s tests turned negative, the shooting of the Kara Tahta series will continue. Although the ratings are lower than expected for now, there is no final word about the series. It is expected that the series will continue to be broadcast in the summer unless otherwise. Whether it will continue in the season depends on the ratings…

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