There was hope in the series Elkızı, which was approaching the final, but it disappeared too!
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8 February 2023 20:13


There was hope in the series Elkızı, which was approaching the final, but it disappeared too!

It was previously announced that the Elkızı series, which was screened on Fox TV on Sunday evenings, would make a final in the 13th episode. According to a claim made afterwards, a new glimmer of hope was born about the series. However, the ratings of the episode aired last night destroyed that hope.

The 11th episode of the Elkızı series, starring Sevda Erginci, Perihan Savaş and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, came to the screen last night. The series, which did not get very good results from the ratings since the first day it was broadcast, again achieved a score below the average.

However, the Elkızı series was able to continue despite its low rating. In a previous statement from Fox TV, it was announced that the series will make its final in the 13th episode. However, a claim that sounded revealed the possibility that if the series increased its ratings a little bit, it could continue.

The Elkızı series was on the screen on Saturday evenings until this week. However, with the start of the Maske Kimsin Sen on Saturday evenings, the series was taken to Sunday. However, there are two very strong rivals on Sunday, such as the Yargı and the Teşkilat. Therefore, the possibility of Elkızı increasing its rating on Sunday evening seemed a little difficult.

As a matter of fact, the ratings of the 11th episode of the series, which aired last night, showed the next possible step. Elkızı once again scored well below the average from the ratings. This extinguished the light of hope that had emerged for Elkızı a short time ago.

If the channel does not take a different decision despite everything, Elkızı will bid farewell to the screen with its 13th episode. Only two episodes remain. The introduction of the 12th episode, which will be on the screen next week, has also been released.

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