There were 3 major developments with separations and innovations in the Barbaroslar series!
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29 March 2023 16:22


There were 3 major developments with separations and innovations in the Barbaroslar series!

While it was expected to be one of the most successful productions of this season, Barbaroslar is one of the TV series that was not exactly at the desired point… When the first episodes of the series, which were broadcast on TRT1 screen on Thursday evenings, received a lot of criticism, there was a big change. After both the director and some actors left the story, new characters joined the series, creating an environment where the audience was more satisfied.

The recent fluctuations in the ratings in the Barbaroslar series do not escape attention. The series, which sometimes got very good ratings, sometimes managed to surprise everyone with low rates. The show has a loyal audience and continues to support it. While everyone is wondering if there will be a second season, the latest news draws attention…

The second season of the Barbaroslar series is expected to be filmed, but the revelation that Engin Altan Düzyatan will bid farewell to the project at the end of the season has deeply saddened everyone.

Pelin Akil is one of the names who left the Barbaroslar series… It turned out that the actress who played the character of Isabel said goodbye to the project. After the departure of the character Isabel, it was revealed that a new character would join the story.

Successful actor Bülent Alkış was included in the cast of the Barbaroslar series. You will watch the actor, who will add strength to the series with the character of Kemal Reis, in an effective role.

Kemal Reis is the biggest and most famous of the Turkish pirates of the Ottoman Empire. He is the uncle of Piri Reis. Kemal Reis, whose reputation spread all over the Mediterranean, was one of the most favorite and privileged men of the Ottoman Empire and the sultan.

He is a person endowed with extraordinary powers. After entering the world of Oruç and Hızır, he will have a great impact both with his attitude towards events and with the decisions he made; He will play an important role in the conquest of Modon Castle with his role in the Ottoman-Venetian War.

The exciting story of the Barbaroslar series, whose script was written by Serdar Özönalan and Hasan Erimez, continues, and new developments are eagerly awaited by the audience.

The popular TV series tells the adventure of İshak, Oruç, Hızır and İlyas, the four sons of Sipahi Yakup Ağa, who came out of Lesvos and emerged as the conquerors of the seas and turned into Barbaros brothers.

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