There will be an interesting surprise in Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which is going to the final!
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5 October 2022 00:08


There will be an interesting surprise in Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which is going to the final!

It has been finalized that the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Once Upon a Time in Çukurova), which is broadcast on ATV screens, will bid farewell at the end of the season. The series, which has always made a name for itself with its great successes, continues to impress millions with its story. Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which still receives good ratings to be second in the category of all people, may have lost some viewers, but it still has a very strong support.

There are remarkable developments in the story of the series, which includes important names such as Hilal Altınbilek, İbrahim Çelikkol, Furkan Palalı, İlayda Çevik, Erkan Bektaş, Altan Gördüm. One of these developments is what happened between Çolak Ağa and Betül. Altan Gördüm joined the series in the fourth season, and the character of Çolak Ağa immediately stood out in the story.

Çolak Ağa, whom the audience sees as a bad but funny man, sometimes angers and sometimes entertains the audience with his surprising moves. Altan Gördüm, in his interview, mentioned that people on the street made comments on him like “He is a bad but funny man” because of his character.

Speaking to the Dizi TV program broadcast on ATV, Altan Gördüm said that the character of Haşmet Çolak will have a surprise for the audience… This surprise may change the status of Betül and her mother Şermin in the series.

The play of Betül, played by İlayda Çevik, on Haşmet Çolak will cause a problem. Haşmet will have a big surprise for Şermin and Betül, played by Sibel Taşcıoğlu.

Altan Gördüm said the following about Betül: “Betül is a calculating girl. She’s such a character. Every means is permissible to reach the goal, so is his mother. They are utilitarian people in that regard. Çolak also responds to him at first. In fact, he’s going for it. Çolak is not that naive, he solves some things in himself and will have a nice surprise for them…”

Stating that Çolak did not have much of a chance against the character of Züleyha, who is the lady of Çukurova in the series, the actor drew attention to the fact that she is a self-educated character. He emphasized that Çolak was behind the times and did not have a chance against Züleyha.

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