There's a fire! Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen's special poses are on fire!
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28 January 2023 16:07


There’s a fire! Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen’s special poses are on fire!

Burcu Özberk is one of the most important female stars of romantic comedy series. With the projects she took part in yielding good results and being long-term, the young actress became the sought-after face of such productions.

Burcu Özberk is having a very successful period as the female lead in the series Aşk Mantık İntikam. The ratings of the series, which has been broadcast on Fox TV, have been very good since the summer period. The most important point in the formation of audience loyalty, we can show the harmony of İlhan Şen, who takes part in the production as the male lead, together with Burcu Özberk. The special poses of the duo enchanted their fans.

The two young actors went on the set together for the first time with this production and the energy between them was also appreciated. Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen duo also managed to become the best TV series couple on social media in a short time. Their high energies and harmony also play a big part in making Aşk Mantık İntikam go so well.

The two famous actors, who decorated the cover of the new issue of Hello magazine, aroused great admiration on social media with their pleasant poses.

Fans loved the poses and thousands of posts were made in a short time. Thanks to this, the duo of Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen managed to rise to the top of the agenda in the twitter environment.

The promotion with the headline “Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen, two actors whose stars continue to shine” was also very striking.

Special poses in the magazine were shared with commendable comments in the social media environment.

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