Baht Oyunu is over Aytaç Şaşmaz fans rebelled!
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8 February 2023 19:26


Baht Oyunu is over Aytaç Şaşmaz fans rebelled!

One of the most popular TV series of the summer months, Baht Oyunu, which was screened on Kanal D, said goodbye to the screens with its seventeenth episode aired last night.

Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz took the lead roles in ARC Film’s Baht Oyunu, which was produced and designed by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu. Aytaç Şaşmaz thanked the audience with the following post on his Instagram account.

The actor shared, “Good luck! ‘ the people I said, I’m glad you were here! Tonight is the final evening, those who are always with us, those who do not leave us alone on this path, thank you also to you! We came, we became one, we had fun! We’re leaving,” he wrote.

On the other hand, the famous actor made a post on his Twitter account by writing ‘Happy Ending’ yesterday. Upon this sharing, Şaşmaz’s fans rebelled against the end of the series on Twitter. Many posts were made on Twitter, such as the one below.

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