There's a new shining couple in Kardeşlerim drama
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25 March 2023 02:08


There’s a new shining couple in Kardeşlerim drama

Kardeşlerim series is broadcast on ATV screens and affects a wide audience on Saturday evenings. The project, in which young actors and experienced names achieved a good synergy, received awards one after the other.

The actors of the series were very happy with the awards they received in the past week. There are some objections from the audience in the series, whose story is followed with enthusiasm. One of these objections is about the scenes between Berk and Aybike.

Fans of the series uploaded to the script state that they have difficulty understanding some things. Spectating that they wanted Berk to kiss Aybike, the audience questioned why this scene was not filmed. In the comments reflected on social media, a viewer made the following statements:

“There is crime, there is death, there is betrayal and bribery in the series. Is it normal for everyone to see all this? Now, can a kiss of love from Berk to Aybike be uncomfortable?”

Many series fans also used expressions stating that a single kiss is missing between Berk and Aybike. Fans of Kardeşlerim TV also fear that when these two characters come forward, the screenwriter will separate them with a ridiculous story.

A number of TV fans commented: “Soon the screenwriter invents a breakup between Berk and Aybike for an absurd reason. The screenwriter seems to like it. Berk and Aybike have an unstable relationship with constant separation and reconciliation. I hope the rivalry between mothers doesn’t ruin it again.”

The fact that the fans of the series Kardeşlerim follow the story closely shows how impressed they are. When every episode of the series is the scene of great excitement, the ratings are also good.

Kardeşlerim series is a production of ATV that made a good debut last season and is progressing very successfully in the new season. Everything is fine in the series, but the viewers put pressure on the scriptwriter on social media and make an effort to make some of their wishes come true.

Recep Usta gives a successful performance in the character of Berk in the series. Melis Minkari also made a very successful debut in the Aybike character.

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