They ask if the Yasak Elma will be successful in the sixth season; Even if it lasts for six seasons, even ten seasons, it will be successful!
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29 November 2022 21:33


They ask if the Yasak Elma will be successful in the sixth season; Even if it lasts for six seasons, even ten seasons, it will be successful!

There is a philosophy underlying the fact that the Yasak Elma series is so effective and manages to bring millions of viewers to the screen every week. This philosophy is based on the chameleon tactic. So it is constantly changing color. The story is constantly renewing itself, the players are constantly changing. But the writers of the script never let the audience lose their excitement.

The 130th episode of the Yasak Elma series has passed. Who has come and passed from the series so far… Sevda Erginci, Onur Tuna, Talat Bulut, Şafak Pekdemir, Nesrin Cavadzade… If you want to name more, you can list the names of many actors.

All the characters in the series are in mind, and the audience still remembers what happened in the very old episodes. Because the series has an aspect of being permanent in the minds of the viewers… There are many who do not forget the character of Alihan and Zeynep in the Forbidden Apple series. Who can forget the character of Halit or Şahika?

The biggest secret is the change in the story of the series, to which many famous names contribute and the screenwriters surprise the audience every season. The story can be so absurd and so unreal that the fans of the series do not care about it. Because that is the purpose.

Everything that is not expected to happen in real life is experienced in the Yasak Elma… It is not that easy and sustainable for millions of viewers to follow every episode of the series, which started as a drama but shifted to absurd comedy with story changes. However, the screenwriters place a surprise in each new episode.

Sometimes such exaggerated and absurd scenes are broadcast that the audience can’t say ‘no more’. Because there are so many more absurd and more unrealistic events in real life that even the Yasak Elma is considered normal next to these events…

Millions of viewers, angered by all the absurdities experienced in daily life, have fun watching absurdities similar to these events on the screen… It’s a strange balance, but the screenwriters of the series have well identified this way of relaxation for the audience. This is not how the Yasak Elma is, but to be successful in the sixth season, even if it takes ten seasons, it will still be successful. Because those who experience bigger absurd events in real life get rid of them for a while thanks to the series and have fun.

Otherwise, the absurdities in real life are not subjects to be entertained at all. Since Yasak Elma captures this contrast well, it is a watchable production even if it lasts for ten seasons.

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