Series News They made the audience’s heart ache for Elçin Sangu’s Peri in the Çöp Adam TV series!

They made the audience’s heart ache for Elçin Sangu’s Peri in the Çöp Adam TV series!


While the Çöp Adam (Stickman) series continues to be broadcast on Star TV on Wednesday evenings, the performance of Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu, who take the lead roles, is also appreciated.

The viewers, who are caught in the different story of the series, especially complain about the situation that Sangu gets into the Peri character, which she plays by giving her due. Peri is now in the position of someone who has to be punished for every crime. What Tamer and his family have done has now come to a point where it will hurt the hearts of those who watch Peri’s story with interest.

The Çöp Adam series, which has shown its difference with its script since the beginning of the season, has become a production that shows that it has also followed a loyal audience with the average ratings it has achieved.

The successful story, good acting performances and the uncertainty of what could happen in the next episodes created a serious element of curiosity in the audience.

However, many series fans are rebelling against what happened to the character of Peri in the social media environment. A viewer commented: “After all she’s been through, Peri is not the only one who has the right to be happy. I wish we had watched Peri recover and hold her accountable for what was done to her, instead of being tortured in the last episodes.”

There is a large audience in the audience of the Çöp Adam series that makes similar criticisms and rebels against the injustice into which the character of Peri is pushed. In the social media environment, the Çöp Adam series stands out with such criticisms.

It is not known what will happen in the next parts of the series, but the point where the screenwriters bring the character of Peri draws attention with the revolt of the audience. Çöp Adam series will continue to take its place on the screen with its 23rd episode on Wednesday, May 31.

According to the followers of the series, Peri now has to go on her own way for the story to make sense. The audience thinks that the character of Peri should recover, break with Tamer and continue her life with new people who value her.

No one knows if the screenwriters think the same thing or how the story of the series will take shape. However, it seems like more torture to the Peri character will jump on the nerves of the audience.