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18 August 2022 17:36


They rocked the comedy series! There was such a scene in the Yasak Elma series that you should watch it!

The Yasak Elma series, which was followed with great interest by the audience with its 5th season on Fox TV, was on the screen with its 120th episode this week. While the absurd and intrigue-laden stories of the series were giving the audience enjoyable moments, there was a scene where everyone who watched it burst into laughter!

Yasak Elma series, when it first started, “This is not so, can such a thing happen in real life?” received many criticisms and comments on logic errors were poured into social media.

However, in the following process, the series settled in such a place that a process that almost cracked the comedy series began to be experienced. The audience now knows that the series is progressing from a different perspective.

Events are developing in such a way that “Come on, dear, no more!” it’s saying. The audience no longer tries to connect with real life or seek logic in these absurd stories.

In fact, the script of the series is written in a way that all the characters are caricatured and the events are carried beyond the absurd.

Although it does not bear the phrase “comedy series”, Yasak Elma has turned into an entertaining production that those who are bored with the drama-laden productions on the screen enjoy watching.

Each character carries another fun detail in itself. Many characters from the series have come and gone, but they managed to become the most talked about characters with the successful performances of Şevval Sam and Eda Ece, who weighed heavily on the project, such as Ender and Yıldız.

A scene in the 120th episode, on the other hand, gave the audience a different joy and fun. Yıldız said, “Are we in the moment?” The flood of laughter begins with Aysel’s answer to the question “Noo, we are in the living room”.

During the meditation session, the attitudes of each character to the situation and what happened afterwards almost broke the audience…

Here is that fun scene that you will watch and laugh about…

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