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17 May 2022 15:06


This goodbye is like no other! Burak Sergen earthquake in the Sadakatsiz series!

Famous actor Burak Sergen, who was born in Ankara in 1961, is getting ready to bid farewell to the Kanal D series Sadakatsiz, in which he plays the leading role. The series called Sadakatsiz, which attracted great attention in the first season last season, was adapted from Doctor Foster, a BBC production.

The series, which surpassed the original and showed success in broadcasting in many countries, gained great success especially in Spain and South American countries. Burak Sergen was one of the architects of this success in the TV series Sadakatsiz.

The master actor, who successfully portrayed the character of Haluk Güçlü, became ill due to the coronavirus he contracted on the set in the first season and had to stay in intensive care for a long time.

Burak Sergen, who returned to the sets after regaining his health and took his place in the second season of the TV series Sadakatsiz, will bid farewell to the production as his role in the story will end.

Burak Sergen, who started the series as the leading actor with Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, gave an effective performance.

When it became difficult to create a new excitement in the story of the series, the screenwriters started to remove some characters from the story one after the other… After the character of Melih, played by Ali İl, Bahar, played by Yeliz Kuvancı, said goodbye to the series.

Now it’s Burak Sergen’s turn. The master actor will bid farewell to the Sadakatsiz series in the upcoming episodes.

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