This is how Ebru Şahin's misfortune happens with the Destan series, whose names are competing in Seoul!
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28 September 2022 17:41


This is how Ebru Şahin’s misfortune happens with the Destan series, whose names are competing in Seoul!

In the announcement made by the Seoul International Drama Awards organization on August 2, it was revealed that 3 TV series and 3 famous actors from Turkey were among the candidates. One of these series was Mahkum (Prisoner), the other Aziz and the third Destan (Epic).

Among the actors, only Murat Yıldırım is nominated for men, while Ebru Şahin and Burcu Biricik are also competing for the ‘best actress’. It was a great success that a total of 24 works and 30 individual candidates from 11 countries were selected and 3 TV series and 3 actors from Turkey were among the candidates.

The status of the epic series is surprising. While there was talk about the possibility of making the final episode in Turkey and then canceling it, in Seoul, the Destan series won the right to compete in the “best series” category. Likewise, Ebru Şahin, who is among the ‘best actress’ candidates, came to this point with the character of Akkız in the series Destan.

While the dark clouds are circulating on the Destan series in Turkey, the emergence of the series and the leading actress competing for the candidacy in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, draws attention as a great contrast.

The Destan series became a project that affected a large audience in many countries of the world. The story of Destan, which emerged when producer Mehmet Bozdağ’s own dream turned into a TV series, takes place in the ninth century.

Ebru Şahin’s return to the sets was also due to the originality of the Akkız character, after a difficult journey that lasted for 3 seasons like Hercai, due to the story of a heroine.

However, it was a surprising situation that the Destan series, which is highly likely to remain as a one-season project, was dragged to this point.

We will be able to find out who came first among the dramas and actors competing in Seoul on September 22. However, according to the developments, if Destan or Ebru Şahin won an award on that date, an even more strange situation will arise.

It would also be a great misfortune to end up with a drama that won first place at the Seoul International Drama Awards but was canceled and the lead actress.

Until the results are announced, the fate of the Destan series will be clear. Maybe Ebru Şahin may have even made a deal as the lead actress of another TV series.

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