After the Mahkum series, İsmail Hacıoğlu's agent role suited him very well!
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29 September 2022 00:47


After the Mahkum series, İsmail Hacıoğlu’s agent role suited him very well!

İsmail Hacıoğlu, who has made a name for himself with his great contributions to the projects he takes part in, brings that role to the agenda in whatever role he takes on the agenda… İsmail Hacıoğlu, who we watched last season in the Fox TV series called Mahkum ‘Prisoner) and successfully portrayed the characters of his twin brothers, received great applause from his fans. .

İsmail Hacıoğlu, who has made very successful scenes with Onur Tuna, will continue to be on Fox TV with the series Mahkum as of September. The famous actor’s decision to work in the summer period once again revealed his passion for acting.

After a difficult season, İsmail Hacıoğlu, who had the opportunity to rest for a short time, then went on the set for the movie 49. The story of the film, which continues to be shot, is based on a true event. The film, which tells the story of the ISIS terrorist organization members who raided Turkey’s Mosul consulate in 2014, took 49 people hostage and then rescued them, created excitement.

The shooting of 49 films, starring İsmail Hacıoğlu, is carried out in Gaziantep. Fans are waiting for a very impressive role from İsmail Hacıoğlu, who plays the National Intelligence Organization agent named Oğuz in the movie.

You can also see how well İsmail Hacıoğlu suits the role of an agent in the images from the set, which also includes names such as Hande Doğandemir, Kerem Alışık, Sinan Tuzcuoğlu, Doğukan Polat.

Sadi Can Polat is the producer of the film, which is still being shot, while Hakan Inan sits in the director’s chair. The shares that İsmail Hacıoğlu made from the set also receive thousands of likes from his fans and the actor is praised.

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