This separation did not suit the My Home My Destiny
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1 December 2022 05:57


This separation did not suit the My Home My Destiny

Müjgan, the sister of the Mehdi character played by İbrahim Çelikkol, was shot with a gun by his lover, Burhan, in the TV8 screens broadcast on Wednesday evenings. Burhan died of suicide after shooting Müjgan.

Müjgan, played by Zeynep Kumral, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but she couldn’t be rescued and said goodbye with a scene that created a great awareness of femicide. The 23rd episode of the series aired on Wednesday evening, December 9, and the news of Müjgan’s death shocked everyone. Fans of the series also expressed their sorrow for the character’s farewell with their comments on social media.

Zeynep Kumral, who burns hearts with a scene she played right after the International Day of Struggle Against Violence Against Women on November 25, gave a very successful performance in the character of Müjgan. The actress said goodbye to the audience with the scene that tells how deeply the violence against women is.

Many comments were also written about Zeynep Kumral on social media. Fans of the series think that the message given with the character of Müjgan is very harsh and reflects real life events as a mirror for violence against women.

However, the farewell of the Müjgan character in this way did not absorb any audience. Müjgan, one of the popular characters of the series, was killed by Burhan, whom he had been in love with for years but could not get back. Burhan first shot the woman he loved in the heart, then committed suicide by pointing the gun at him.

Next to İbrahim Çelikkol’s sister, the tone of voice, attitude and emotionality he displayed when he struggled for life also impressed the audience. Saying, “If you go, I will get cold”, Mahdi once again burned their hearts.

Here is the cry of the Mehdi that wrenched the hearts of the audience: “You said sister, don’t be sick. Sister, I will be cold if you go, sister, I will be cold. Please, hear me. Don’t go sister. Does man leave his son? Older sister…”

At these moments, perhaps, as the bleeding wound of our country, he re-lived the painful memories in the homes of many viewers.

The performance of Zeynep Kumral, who played Müjgan, on that stage, which brought violence against women back to the agenda, created an event on social media.

Those who watched the heartbreaking scene poured out praiseworthy comments for Kumral’s successful acting. Here are some comments:

“It never occurred to me that I would cry for Müjgan in the House you were born in.”

“My father’s tears filled the intensive care scene in the TV series The House You Were Born Is Destiny. “They tried so hard to save my father too, then they gave him his dead body on a stretcher,” he said. People wouldn’t die before memories die. This is the power of art. It connects people. ”

“The Müjgan character was murdered. Such a naive touch to femicide. A hair strand left in the hairpin he wore. How was that stage. ”

“Ah Müjgan! It shouldn’t have been like this. ”

“Mrs. Zeynep, as Müjgan, you made me cry a lot. Is it so realistic to play! ”

“I was very sorry. It was very enjoyable to watch you. I will miss you so much. See you in new projects. “

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