Artists News This time Uğur Güneş is taking firm steps forward in the footsteps of Can Yaman and Kerem Bürsin!

This time Uğur Güneş is taking firm steps forward in the footsteps of Can Yaman and Kerem Bürsin!


Every day, a new one is added to the successes of Turkish TV series actors abroad. With the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series, Can Yaman became the person who made the best debut in this regard and reflected his international interest in his career in the most successful way.

Kerem Bürsin, who gained great popularity with Can Yaman’s TV series Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air), became one of the Turkish actors who received great attention both in Italy and Spain. It is seen that the admiration of Kerem Bürsin is spreading rapidly, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

Uğur Güneş has been included among the Turkish actors who have attracted particular attention lately…

Uğur Güneş, who is currently in the lead role in the TRT1 series named Al Sancak, became one of the prominent names abroad with the character of Tuğtekin in the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul.

However, the actor has been very popular lately, especially with the character of Yılmaz in the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Once Upon a Time in Çukurova). The interest in Uğur Güneş increased exponentially with the publication of this series abroad in a very wide geography.

This time, Uğur Güneş was featured in the Italian press, where the names of Can Yaman and Kerem Bürsin were constantly featured. Our famous actor was the guest of the Verissimo program broadcast on Chanel 5, one of the most watched television channels in the country.

Uğur Güneş, who went to Italy for the program that received very good ratings, also attracted attention from his fans. It should also be reminded that the actor, who became popular on social media in Italy due to the program, won the “international best actor” award at the Murex D’Or International Award Ceremony last year.

The fact that Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which has been broadcast in 60 countries to date, achieved great results in the ratings in almost every country, and its adaptation in Greece were very important developments.

Uğur Güneş, who made his name known to the Turkish TV series fans abroad in this process, is pleased with the interest he has received in Italy. During the programme, the actor said, “We are happy to be loved so much in Italy. First of all, thank you very much for hosting me here so well.”

The actor, who was pleased that the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova attracted such great interest in Italy, stated that he was pleased that the series was appreciated.