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19 August 2022 00:44


Those who are curious about the Greek adaptation of the Yargı series! The first frames from the set have arrived!

The news that the Greek version of Kanal D’s television series Yargı (Judgment), which has a big place in Turkey’s agenda, will be shot a short time ago. The first frames from the set of the series, which is planned to be released in September, will take the audience to the first days of the Yargı.

Yargı, one of the most successful productions of the last winter season, caused storms and agenda with every episode. The series which was very successful in the ratings and displaced the TRT 1 series Teşkilat (Organization), which was the ruler of the Sunday evening, took the whole of Turkey captive with its striking scenario.

The gripping story of Yargı will now impress Greek television viewers. It was recently announced by the screenwriter of the series, Sema Ergenekon, that the Greek version of Yargı will be shot.

While the works for the Greek version of Yargı were going on rapidly, the first promotional film had arrived. It was announced that the series will be shown on ANT 1 channel in September. The shooting of the Greek version of Yargı continues at full speed.

The first photos from the set have arrived. These photographs reminded those who saw the first days of the Yargı.

The story of the series signed by Ay Yapım is as follows: Ilgaz learned and adopted all principles such as honesty, honor and respect from his father. Ceylin, on the other hand, is a reckless lawyer who knows no boundaries when it comes to rules, and she does her job according to her own rules. Ceylin and Ilgaz have a big conflict because of this, they come face to face. They will find themselves in a mystery that goes back to both their families.

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