Those who are waiting for Serenay Sarıkaya's Şahmaran series are disappointed!
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3 February 2023 15:57


Those who are waiting for Serenay Sarıkaya’s Şahmaran series are disappointed!

There is a great confusion on social media regarding the TV series Şahmaran, which was broadcast on Netflix on January 20. Fans of the series share comments stating that they could not find what they expected from the Şahmaran project, which they had been waiting for a long time and were very excited about.

As well as the story of the series starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz duo, criticism of the acting performances and the way the story is reflected continues to increase on social media.

While passionate fans of Serenay Sarıkaya share comments stating that they like the actress, those who do not particularly admire the actress criticize her performance.

In general, there are many people who say that the Şahmaran series did not meet their expectations. There is a complete confusion on social media about the series, which has been talked about in the press for a long time and has great expectations.

There are many evaluations on social media that making a fantastic series is still a difficult goal for the Turkish TV series industry to achieve.

There were also those who said that they liked Burak Deniz’s performance more, but that they did not think the same about Serenay Sarıkaya.

One of the most striking criticisms came from the famous pianist Fazıl Say… Say announced on his twitter account that he had stopped watching the series for 2 more episodes.

The following words of Fazıl Say were remarkable: Is there such a Şahmaran? We are tired of philosophizing, clichés, limitations, inability to exceed, not being able to fly, cheapness, your rating. One out of ten! ”

Those who left comments on this post, which received close to 1.5 million views, also agreed that the series is shallow as a story.

Even though the first season of the Şahmaran series continues to receive criticism from different points on social media, the fact that it created the agenda and that many people opened the series on Netflix out of curiosity remains obvious.

As a result, although it seems that the majority of people do not like the project, it would not be surprising that the viewing rates on Netflix are also high.

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