Artists News Those who saw the question that Sıla Türkoğlu asked after the sentence were confused!

Those who saw the question that Sıla Türkoğlu asked after the sentence were confused!


While it is curiously awaited whether the five-week suspension of broadcasting sentence for the Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet) series will return from the court, actors and viewers are expressing their reactions on social media.

Considering the reactions of the actors, it seems that there is a serious problem, as the Radio and Television Supreme Council both fined Show TV and put forward the justification that “violence against women is encouraged”.

RTÜK put forward its sentence from a very harsh point of encouraging violence against women. However, the messages given by the female actors of the series include the statement that they are trying to raise awareness of women’s rights rather than encouraging violence.

Sıla Türkoğlu, with a question she asked on her twitter account, hints that the reason for the sentence actually is not very valid. Türkoğlu says, “Is it because we confront the bitter truths of our women in our society and do not show silent female characters? ”

This question of the actress is very meaningful. In the story of the series, there is an expression that the scenario proceeds with the logic of revealing the bitter truths experienced by women in society.

Of course, there is a great rebellion against the perception that women, who are generally accepted in society, should keep silent about the problems they experience.

Sıla Türkoğlu describes the main logic of the series as bringing the bitter truths of women to light.

The actress, who also refers to the fact that women who are subjected to violence in society today have to keep silent with the implication “quit woman”, points out the meaninglessness of RTÜK’s justification for imposing the punishment with this question.

As the reason for the decision to stop the broadcast of the series for 5 weeks, there is information that “violence against women is encouraged in some scenes of the series”.

Sıla Türkoğlu emphasizes that they create awareness by telling women’s realities, and justifies the issue by trying to protect women in criminals.

It’s confusing isn’t it?