Series News Tolga Sarıtaş is one of the names who know the value of the Baba series best!

Tolga Sarıtaş is one of the names who know the value of the Baba series best!


The Baba (Father) series, which met with the audience again on Show TV screens, continues with its second season. In the first season, the audience had a more intense interest, but the low ratings in the second season are not quite the ratios that the project deserves.

Tolga Sarıtaş, whom we watched with the character of Kadir in the TV series Baba, mentioned that the project meant a lot to him at the awards night he attended.

The actor, who won the ‘Best Drama Male Series Actor’ award at the ceremony of the Magazine Journalists Association, once again attracted attention. Stating that the series is a very special project for him and that it is a chance to play with Haluk Bilginer, Tolga Sarıtaş said:

“Dad is a very beautiful and special project in my life. We work very hard. Everyone gets along very well behind the camera. We had a very good shared energy. It is a great chance to play with Haluk Bilginer and the whole team is one of the most valuable names. We are very happy.”

In addition to the 7 new actors who joined the cast in the second season of the TV series Baba, there was a huge change in the story.

Screenwriter Gökhan Horzum took the story to a much different point compared to the first season, and a season with increasing excitement awaits the audience…

About the second season, Tolga Sarıtaş made the following comment: “Gökhan Horzum created a very nice shell change. We adapted very quickly to it. A family story, the position of the family, the place, the job he did, everything has changed. A new story actually sprouted again. We work very well and with devotion and pleasure. ”