TRT1 has made different changes in its new series, minds are confused!
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25 March 2023 14:31


TRT1 has made different changes in its new series, minds are confused!

The course of the TV series Dünya Hali, which was broadcast on the TRT1 screen in the new season and attracted more attention at first, does not look good. 9 episodes of the series, starring Pelin Abay, Caner Şahin and Tolga Tekin, have been published so far. TRT1’s hope for Dünya Hali, whose 10th episode will air late on Wednesday evening, has also waned.

TRT1 first broadcast the series at 20.00, then at 22.30 and then after 23.00. When the previous episode was broadcast on Tuesday evening, the whole concept of time for the fans of the series disappeared. While the fans of the series were in turmoil over time and time, it was not surprising that the ratings were very low.

There is an important criticism of the audience in the trailer released from the 10th episode of Dünya Hali series. You will see a drama series animation in the new trailer, which refers to the fact that drama productions are watched a lot on the screens.

Long stares in drama productions, speech patterns that have become clichés, and an important criticism along with the music took place in this trailer.

The following statements also drew attention in the trailer, where the duration of the series was criticized: “Our surprises are not over, the longest series in the history of the series is coming. That’s exactly 543 minutes. It starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday. 90 percent of our series consists of slow motion.

The series keeps it clear, the series has two seasons. There’s everything you’re looking for in a show. Will Derya follow us, of course they will watch this.”

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