TRT's new project, Kara Tahta, is entrusted to a successful name.
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1 October 2022 16:23


TRT’s new project, Kara Tahta, is entrusted to a successful name.

Üs Yapım, which has produced popular TV series such as İkimizin Sırrı, Benim Adım Melek, Elimi Bırakma, and Adım Başı Kafe, which is broadcast on the digital platform, continues its preparations for its new project.

For now, only the name of the project, whose details are kept secret, is circulating backstage. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, it has been learned that the preparations for the project carried out for TRT, which is called “Kara Tahta”, are continuing, and the leading actors will be clarified and proposals will be made in the coming days.

The name that will sit in the director’s chair of the project has been announced. This name was Ender Mıhlar, one of the successful directors of the young generation who shot the second season of the TV series Saygı, which was recently broadcast on BluTv.

Ender Mıhlar previously sat in the director’s chair in TV series such as Bu Şehir arkandan Gelecek, Şansımı Seveyim, 8. Gün, Her Yerde Sen, Sen Çal Kapımı ve Masumlar Apartmanı, and worked as an assistant director in ambitious productions such as Poyral Karayel, Suskunlar ve Küçük Sırlar.

The scenario of the project will be written by Erkan Birgören, who has contributed to popular TV series such as Kavak Yelleri, Arka Sıradakiler, Karagül, Kırlangıç Fırtınası, Siyah Beyaz Aşk, Sen Anlat Karadeniz, Akrep, Baht Oyunu.

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