Series News The Turkish series changed the ideas of the Arab people

The Turkish series changed the ideas of the Arab people


Assistant Professor Miriam Berg, who runs Northwestern University on the Qatar campus, media department, faced 100 young people in Qatar to understand the impact of the Turkish series.

Some details from the report;

The publication of the Turkish series in Arab countries enabled them to get rid of some prejudices.

Magnificent Century, Silver, ideas about the Arab peoples, such as arrays of Turkey Forbidden Love has enabled a sharp turn.

Turkey is a member of NATO and also defend the rights of Muslim societies is affecting the Arab youth.

Shopping in Istanbul between the Arabs has become a fashion now.

The rich culture of Turkey and the Ottoman legacy is curious. Mirrors, Palaces, Glasses are very impressive for the Arabs. They do not think of the Ottomans as a period of oppression anymore. Even the Ottoman admiration is rising.

It is very normal to come across the people watching the Turkish knee from the mobile phone. They are also watching in Turkish. Because he can not wait to wait for the dubbing.

The gaudy lifestyle in the series is very influential. They are going to go and see themselves. Tourism figures are already showing this. Soaps best tool brand in Turkey’s hands.

The decision of the MBC channel to ban the Turkish series does not seem to be a serious problem. Many Arab youth follow the Turkish series on the internet.

The admiration of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Burak Özçivit in men exploded.

In women, Beren Saat and Tuba Büyüküstün had a great influence.

The entire cast of the Magnificent Century series had a massive fan base in Arab countries.

Participants of one of the following remarkable statement: “I used to think that Turkey is an uncivilized country. The series changed my mind. ”

A Lebanese participants, hated almost 4 years ago from Turkey in the speech. But in the last speech “Everyone loves Turkey in Lebanon,” he says.

This example shows how the strings change in a short time.