Series News The story of the Name Zehra series creates astonishment

The story of the Name Zehra series creates astonishment


Name Zehra series of beginners was very impressed audiences in Turkey.

The Ceren character in the series is played by Seda Güven.

Seda Güven, the wife of Serkan on the line …

Seda Güven describes the attractiveness of the story of the directory as follows:

“My character is curious, a woman from the society of the community, who is dealing with the work of the foundation, putting her nose in the things that are not over duty, not much liked by her husband, but she is in love with her husband. There is a puzzling and a surprise series … It can be anything at any moment … It was the fertility of this story that attracted me the most when I read the screen … It does not go over the only feeling.

Describing how was prepared, Seda Güven said:

“I think I have a lot of character features out of the way, but even a reaction to your actor can wake up something else in the screen.” “Usually I do not like to put that evil eye on you if you’re bad,” she said.

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