Series News Surprise in the final of ‘Name Zehra’ series

Surprise in the final of ‘Name Zehra’ series


The ‘Name Zehra’ series comes to the screen in the last part! There are big surprises in the finals!

Name Zehra series, the final of the season is not waiting for the end of the season.

This week, 26th of May Saturday, the 14th and last part of the screen will come to the screen all the nodes are solved.

The series, ZeynepÇamcı, HaticeAslan and AlicanYücesoy are starring.

It also reveals what happened to Hande in the series.

Here is the final section summary:

When Nadir says, “If anything happens to me, you will never know where Hande is”, Serkan pursues his brother’s chances of survival.

Şule is carrying hope again after many years. Because Hande’s tomb is empty. Where does Hande really live?

Zehra, who forced Kadir to marry, remains between her love for Genco and her mother. She might go away. What if it stays? Is a Genco a liar also to love? He will go away from the trap set by Kadir. Sure if Genco allows it.

The lie that Nadir says to save his life causes one of the secrets to unravel. Serkan comes face to face with the fact that what he never dreamed of and his brother ..