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6 July 2022 10:15


Surprises of ‘Bride of Istanbul’

The fact that you never know about ‘Bride of Istanbul’ will surprise you very much!

They were told that the series they played with AslıEnver, ÖzcanDeniz and İpekBilgin were passers by a Bursa-based family.

However, there was no clear information about the subject. Posta Newspaper Author Mesut Yar gives very interesting information about series

Here is the article:

“The most curious thing about the ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series is that this story is not really happening … I answer that this series was set off from a story that was 50 years old …

In fact, the story turned out to be a novelist’s description of a patient of its owner. Of course, I got a permit. Who is the main character of the story? That baby she carried in Sureyya’s womb …

And yes, it’s a family story of a famous bus company in Bursa. “

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