Series News Turkish series conquered Argentina

Turkish series conquered Argentina


Telefe television channel, one of the 5 national channels of Argentina, broadcasting in the capital Buenos Aires, brings the Turkish series to the screen intensively.

Viacom Inc. has a potential to reach 95 per cent of the homes in the country of 43 million.

It produces content in more than 3,000 Spanish languages ​​per year.

In the Telefé channel in Argentina, the Turkish series is broadcast intensely.

The (Black Money Love) series came to the screen in Argentina and is followed with great appreciation.

The (Magnificent Century) series, which is being published under the name of (El Sultan), is one of the most watched productions in the country.

The (Elif) series meets the audience every day in the Telefe channel.

It is a tolerable time the name of Time Flies series in English, “Mar de Amores” is the name followed by the Argentine audience in this channel.

It can be understood from the interpretations in the social media that the Turkish series is very popular with the Argentine audience.

Twitter, instagram, facebook platforms opened on the accounts of the Turkish series are made comments and news.

It should also be noted that they are among the most watched productions in Argentina, where the Turkish series can earn an average of 10 ratings.