All Series Turkish TV Series – Aliye

Turkish TV Series – Aliye



Original Title: Aliye

English Title: Aliye

Also Known As: Alia (Arabic)

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance

Episodes: 76

Broadcast Network: ATV

Broadcast Period: September 14, 2004 – October 17, 2006

Production Company: TMC Film

Director: Kudret Sabanci

Screen Writer: Guliz Kucur, Mehmet Bilal, Yildiz Tunc


Aliye (Sanem Celik) has two beautiful children but an unhappy marriage. She lives in a big house with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. When Aliye discovers that her husband Sinan (Halit Ergenc) is cheating on her with a younger chick, she decides to leave the house and go to her uncle’s house in Istanbul. She takes her two kids with her but Sinan follows her to the train station and manages to take their son away from her. Aliye starts a new life in Istanbul with his uncle Feyyaz (Ilhan Sesen) and at the same time struggles to get her son from Sinan. She tries to keep away from her ex-husband but Sinan still loves her and wants to be with her again. Although Aliye wants nothing more than to forget about her past and live the rest of her life quietly with her children, she comes across a new love. As the series goes on, Aliye and a young/promising doctor Deniz (Nejat Isler
) become attracted to each other.