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Turkish Tv Series – Grand Bazaar



Original Title: Kapalicarsi

English Title: Grand Bazaar

Also Known As:

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 38

Broadcast Network: ATV

Broadcast Period: September 28, 2009 – October 5, 2010

Production Company: TMC Film

Director: Murat Duzgunoglu

Screen Writer: Gaye Boralioglu, Nese Sen


Cemal (Nejat Isler), Mahmut (Olgun Simsek), and Arda (Mert Firat) are close friends who live in the same house and work as a salesman in the famous Turkish Grand Bazaar. They have a lower middle-class life and want to be rich. In order to earn much money, they have to achieve one thing: to find a little girl and train her to weave a carpet which will become a miracle. Therefore, they go to Hereke (a small town in Turkey) which is famous for the handmake carpets. In Hereke, Cemal meets Diyar (Asli Tandogan) and wants to hire her as a trainer. Diyar is a beautiful, naïve, and stubborn girl. Although she could not go to the college, she passionately manages to improve herself in weaving. At first, she does not accept the offer of Cemal. But when her father wants her to marry one of their fellow citizens Mustafa (Tolga Tekin), she accepts the offer and escapes to Istanbul leaving everything behind. Eventually, a profound love story begins in the Grand Bazaar. Diyar and Cemal draw closer but their story becomes more complicated when Mustafa follows Diyar to Istanbul. Mustafa still loves Diyar and wants to be with her again thus he tries every possible way to gain her hearth.