Artists News Tuvana Türkay will surprise her fans with a brand new role!

Tuvana Türkay will surprise her fans with a brand new role!


The premiere of the movie ‘Murat Göğebakan Kalbim Yaralı’ (Murat Göğebakan My Heart Wounded), which will bring Murat Göğebakan’s life story to the cinema screen and is prepared to be released on Friday, was held at Biletinial Torun Center Cinemas on Tuesday, December 5th, produced by CNS Production and HM Production.

Tuvana Türkay is also in the cast of the movie, which was released on Friday, December 8th. The beautiful actress continues to appear before her fans with different roles recently.

In this movie, Tuvana Türkay plays the second wife of the famous singer Murat Göğebakan.

Tuvana Türkay, who will surprise her fans, spoke as follows about her new project: “I played Murat Göğebakan’s second wife in the movie. Since we portray real characters in biopics, the actor always carries the weight of this, and so did we. Ali Ayyıldız teacher was very supportive during the shooting process. Our aim is not to upset anyone. Well done to all my friends. “The result is a very emotional film.”

The person who played Murat Göğebakan was Burak Sevinç. The actor stated that he sang the songs in the movie and gave the following information:

“We prepared the film in a very short time, but since our director was also involved in the script process, we benefited from his evaluations and experiences. We tried to reflect him in his most natural state. Make-up was used to convey the cancer process and a wig was used to show off her long hair. Other than that, no plastic make-up was used. The songs were sung by me. My personal opinion is that if he is in a biopic, the actor should use his own voice. I hope I managed to make it similar and it will pay off on the audience’s part.”

Burak Sevinç, who plays Murat Göğebakan in this production; Tuvana Türkay and Hande Soral accompanied in the leading role.

The cast of the film includes Merve Kansu, Necmi Yapıcı, Feride Çetin, Levent Tülek, Durukan Çelikkaya, Faruk Pakiş, Güney Kılınç.

The director of the film is Ali Ayyıldız, and the script is written by Ali Ayyıldız, Lütfi Albayrak and Sezgin Irmak.

The film, sponsored by Kral FM as a media sponsor, tells the story of Göğebakan, whose place in the hearts of millions has never diminished and whose name is still and always remembered with ‘love’, his story of clinging to life, his journey of success in music and his trials with love.