Unexpected move in the Flame Of Fate
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1 December 2022 12:32


Unexpected move in the Flame Of Fate

Successful actors Demet Evgar, Hazar Ergüçlü, Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Cem Bender, Berkay Ateş, Cihangir Ceyhan, Berker Güven, Toprak Can Adıgüzel and master actress Zuhal Olcay meet in the staff of the series, directed by Ahmet Katıksız and written by Burcu Görgün.

Flame Of Fate will be on the screen with its 8th episode tonight. In the new episode, the scene that will most impress the audience will undoubtedly be Ali seeing Çiçek, whom he thought died in the fire, alive. Everything in Ali’s life will change in an instant after he sees the face of Çiçek who escaped from him. How the fates of Çiçek and Ali will progress, everyone is eagerly awaiting the new episode.

So what else will happen in the 8th new episode of Flame Of Fate? Here are the details: While Cemre waits for the decision of the delegation she confronted to get a mental health report, she is unaware of Çelebi’s plan to turn everything upside down. Faced with the danger of foreclosure after the tax debt, Ozan’s head gets into a bigger trouble.

After Ömer is shot, the hearts of Rüya and Ömer begin to interlock more. After İskender, who was stabbed by Ali, opened his eyes in the hospital, tough hours await Tomris and Çiçek, Ali’s fate is about to change forever.

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