Unfaithful series can reach very good points
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1 December 2022 07:46


Unfaithful series can reach very good points

Unfaithful series, adapted from BBC’s Doctor Foster, met with the audience last Wednesday evening on the Channel D screen, and was impressive with its successful performance.

The story of the series, which starred Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Burak Sergen, was liked and the team found great morale with their positive feedback. In the ratings, being the most watched series after The Ottoman, was an important success for Unfaithful.

Ali Eyüboğlu, one of the authors of Milliyet Cadde, made evaluations that the TV series Unfaitful could even surpass The Ottoman series in the following episodes, by looking at the rating rates.

Eyüboğlu wrote: “Kanal D’s new series came second in all three lanes of ratings, after The Ottoman, but the difference between the two productions is very small, especially in the AB category. This means that ‘Unfaithful’ may soon become the most watched project of Wednesday evenings. ”

There are two producers of Unfaithful series. With the adaptation master Medyapım; Mednova companies, led by two young women Selen Sevigen and Gulun Ozkok, are the producers of the series.

Ali Eyüboğlu stated that he spoke with two young women about the status of the series and wrote the following details:

Sevigen said: “Without deviating from the main story, we made plans for how to script‘ Doctor Foster according to the codes of the Turkish audience. Our series continues as long as the audience shows interest and gets good ratings. As a story, the “Unfaithful” is open. ”

Gülün Ozkök said, “We brought a common universal trauma to the screen. “We told you what a great trauma deception is,” she said.

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