Unforgettable scene in The Bandits series!
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1 October 2022 01:53


Unforgettable scene in The Bandits series!

The famous actress Ceren Benderlioğlu, who brought the character of Ömür to ​​life in The Bandits, impresses with her successful performance. Mrs. Ceren plays a role in the same series with her husband Emir Benderlioğlu.

The 5th season finale in ATV’s ambitious series was held on Tuesday, April 28.

The characters of İlyas and Ömür had a scene that the audience could not forget.

This news injured both of them deeply. They wanted to go to the edge of the beach and experience some pain. Here scenes shot on the beach joined among the unforgettable.

There was a great interest in the social media for those scenes that were published in the 163th episode of The Bandits. The audience was impressed by both the acting on the stage, the atmosphere and the rise of emotionality.

Speaking to Dizi TV program broadcasted on Atv, Ceren Benderlioğlu said she was not surprised that the scene was so popular.

The actress said, “It was no surprise to me that this scene was a ball, because it turns out from such beautiful pens that those scenes were one of those that made me go down. I already love drama. I love crying and crying since my childhood. and while sprinkling sea salt on us, all my teammates acted with the same precision, knowing how detailed and beautiful that scene should be shot. ”

Here is the unforgettable beach scene:

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