Series News [Uprightness] television series was popular in Balkan countries

[Uprightness] television series was popular in Balkan countries


The series lasted 2 seasons. It consists of 40 sections.The series, which started in 2011 on [Star] TV, was sold to the balkan countries and appeared to the audience.

[Iffet] is a beautiful and innocent girl who lives in a poor neighborhood with her father [Ahmet] and her sister.

Every father is so mean and tough towards [İffet].

He does not want to go out, speaks with boys, wears clothes and so on.Despite these strict rules within the family, Iffet secretly meets every boy friend [Cemil].

The countries he has published include Macedonia, Afghanistan, Romania, Iran, Georgia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pakistan, Croatia and many more.


[Ibrahim Celikkol]
[Mehmet Çelik]
[Zuhal Olcay]
[Melike Güner]

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