Artists News *Fahriye Evcen* became business woman in commercial film!

*Fahriye Evcen* became business woman in commercial film!


*Fahriye Evcen* in the commercial film *Koton* for the collection, which reflects the latest trends of the season, attracted attention with its fun and energetic attitude behind the camera.

The company’s advertising face *Fahriye Evcen* introduces stylish and comfortable designs that stretch from day to night, fitting the busy life tempos of business women.Successful actress displayed her beauty with her colorful and fun attitude.

*Fahriye Evcen*, which is displayed in four different combos in the commercial film, goes to dance, cinema, shopping and birthday party with new combos after daily business marathon.

*Fahriye Evcen*, who had a lot of fun with the confetti that was blown up for the birthday party behind the camera, was also cheerful with his hot smile throughout the set.