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2 July 2022 10:00


Very interesting events will happen in the season finale of the Yargı series

Kanal D’s phenomenon series Yargı (Judgment), signed by Ay Yapım, will make its season finale with its 34th episode on Sunday evening. Recently, the team of the series completed the work and went on vacation. With the episode to be broadcast on Sunday evening, it is planned to be on the screens again in September with the second season of the series, after a 3-month hiatus.

As Ceylin and Cüneyt secretly enter Yekta’s office, it is a matter of curiosity whether Yekta will catch them or not. Who Ceylin killed remains a mystery. A new promotion has been released from the section of Yargı, which will lock the audience on the screen for the last time this season.

In the promotion where Ceylin has a new plan, Ilgaz tries to prevent her. Ceylin, on the other hand, leaves Ilgaz alone with the unknown because she knows that if he finds out about her plan, he will stop her.

Cüneyt, who decides to unite with Ceylin after learning that he has been cut off from Tilmen Hukuk, sneaks into Yekta’s office with Ceylin, and the excitement of Yekta, who comes to his office in a great hurry, raises the excitement.

In the time jump, Eren asked Ceylin in horror, “How did you do it?” While asking the question to the question increases the tension, the popular TV series Yargı is preparing to leave its mark on Sunday evening with an impressive season finale.

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