Baraj Episode 10 Trailer | English Subtitle | English Subtitle | Turkish TV Series
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25 March 2023 01:59


Baraj Episode 10 Trailer | English Subtitle | English Subtitle

Baraj (Nehir), Med Production and No: 9 Productions, is a Turkish drama series whose first episode was released on March 17, 2020, directed and written by Hasan Tolga Pusat. It is a serial version of the 1977 movie The Dam.Visit our Microsite :
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#BiranDamlaYilmaz #BurakYörük #FeyyazDumanThe story of Nazım’s (Feyyaz Duman) meeting with Nehir (Biran Damla Yılmaz) is the subject of an online dating site. The situation of never seeing each other changes with sending the photo of the River. Nazım, who thinks that Nehir is very beautiful and younger than him, is afraid to send his own photo because of the wound on his face, and due to Nehir’s insistence and fear of losing her, Nazım was sent to the dam construction of Tarık, a handsome and flirtatious young man who was exiled from the colorful life of Istanbul ( Burak Yörük) sends his photo. It can be summarized as Nehir’s liking Tarık in the photo and coming to the dam in a surprising way will confuse things.

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